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Health Promotion: 

The Future Beyond Charity" focus on the importance of promoting health among immigrant and refugee populations. There is a need to go beyond charity and provide sustainable support, resources, and education to help these individuals build a healthier future. We focus provide information about culturally sensitive health promotion initiatives, community engagement, access to healthcare, and empowerment strategies for immigrants and refugees. Our aim is to raise awareness about the unique health challenges faced by these populations and the importance of proactive and inclusive approaches to health promotion.

Project: Grandmother’s House

When we are young and small, whenever we have a problem, feel sad, or depressed, the first thing that comes to our mind is going to our grandmother’s house because we know and believe our problems will be solved.
The Grandmother’s House project provides a place of trust and peace for clients to come and talk about their issues, challenges, and difficulties in their new lives, and helps them find ways to deal with their problems. The project goes beyond charity by empowering individuals to overcome their challenges and achieve sustainable solutions.
The overall Goal is to provide a safe space to increase community interconnectedness and acculturation awareness for female refugees, immigrants, and New Americans through Grandmother’s House learning sessions.
Project: Never alone
The session provides a safe space to increase community mental health and acculturation awareness for adult (24-60 years) refugees, immigrants, New Americans, and low-income people through learning sessions.


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