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Vocational & Educational Programs

Let me show you a few things The Future Beyond Charity has been up to. Since we help

People who come to this country from other places who need help with self sufficiency, We’ve got vocational programs, educational programs, and the one that we’re working on right now is supplying some of these people with things that they need to work from home for their own business. So if you notice here, we’ve set up these displays and each of them have made products from their own country to sell. The Future Beyond Charity has purchased all the supplies needed to go into the food items, containers, and even made business cards for them. And they’ve helped them to start marketing so that their businesses prosper. We have representation from several different countries: Iraq, Morocco,

Syria and Sudan.

Something that’s really great about this project is that when these ingredients are taken into their homes, you see the look of pride on their faces. They feel like they can finally be independent and self sufficient, which is something that they’ve longed to feel.

To support our program, Zelle or PayPal

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